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Revised:  March 24, 2017

In February 2016, the Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland, the Dandie Dinmont fancy, and indeed, the dog world in general lost a lovely lady and wonderful friend.  All who had the privilege of knowing Cathy Nelson were blessed by the experience of her depth of knowledge, her upbeat personality, and her obvious love of her dogs and dog people.

We could not express our appreciation of her life nor our great loss by her death better than the tribute below by Mr. Seymour Weiss.  This tribute was read at Cathy's Celebration of Life, held on March 5, 2016.  Thank you, Seymour, for allowing us to post it here:

"We all lost a very special friend last month, a friend whose resolute character stood as a shining example of possibility to everyone fortunate enough to have known her. Cathy Nelson’s high standards and determination of purpose served her admirably in all she did.
"As an active dog person she chose a breed that tested her determination on a daily basis in a host of ways. Only a Dandie Dinmont person can know the extent of the grit needed to make a success of this breed. But Cathy brought a level of excellence to keeping Dandies that is rarely achieved. 

"In addition to being in the front rank of the Dandie fancy as a breeder and exhibitor, she also paid her dues at the club level – all breed and specialty. Truly, Cathy was a shining asset to the dog sport. Her Pennywise Dandies have given great accounts of themselves, usually owner handled. Cathy and I have stood in many win pictures together, but my most vivid memory of Cathy in the ring was the night she led “Butler” (Ch. Pennywise The Butler Did It) to first in the Terrier Group at Westminster in 1993. When she noticed that I was in tears during BIS judging, my wife asked me why was I crying. I replied that I never thought I would ever live to witness a Dandie as one of Westminster’s magnificent seven. Those were tears joyously shed. Magnificent Butler, magnificent Cathy.

"Sleep well dear friend, we are better off for having had you in our lives and worse off for no longer having you in ours. Cathy, we will remember you always."

As ever,
Seymour Weiss

.....and all of the grateful members of CTAM

A Tribute to our Dear Friend
Cathy Nelson